Remembering us


How have you been? It’s been a while since our last conversation. Almost a year since I saw you.

I know you’ve been to the places we used to dream about – Greece, Italy, Paris. You’re seeing the world, enjoying life. I am immensely proud of how far you have reached. I know you will be achieving more in the next years. I am certain of that.

I want you to succeed. Remember? I used to tell you how much I wanted us to reach our dreams, side by side. But the world isn’t a wish-granting factory. It is heart-breaking we won’t make it together, as originally planned.

I will always cherish the six years. We’ve grown so much since. We learned to value compromise and trust. Prayer kept us strong. We felt invincible.

But nothing is permanent. With that growth, we fell apart. I tried to hold on but it was already too toxic. And I knew you felt the same. Letting go was a wise decision.

I’m slowly moving on. I can see you’re doing the same.

And, please be happy. That is all I will ever ask.

I’m okay. I hope you are too.

Just know that I will always keep our story.



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