I’ve heard of stories about life and loss. Life that once was, now gone. Love that once was, now lost.

I don’t know if I have prepared myself for the inevitable. Sometimes there’s courage, oftentimes there’s none. Deep down, I feel very afraid of what’s about to come. The future is always uncertain.

A friend once told me of a tragic love story. How a woman left the man he loved for her dreams. How after a few years, he followed her to where she was. And how he found out that she was already happily married to another.

I am afraid that this might happen to us. I cannot even imagine how life would be without your existence.

But you’ll be leaving in a few months time. And I know I have already prepared myself. Since it was I who pushed you to study in the first place. I am happy for you, really. I am just afraid.

Yes, nothing is certain. But we can always have hope and trust. Hope that everything will be okay and trust that things will turn out alright, no matter what.