Too many emotions

I can still remember that day we first met. The memory is still fresh in me. Your scent, your smile, it’s still here.

At the time, I knew what I wanted. I was sure of everything. But now, I can’t even say things I’m supposed to say. How should I feel? How should I act? I don’t know what I want.

My principles have changed, I’m no longer that same person you fell for years ago. I’ve grown, I’ve come to realize things. The pain you inflicted on me, it’s still buried within. I’ve tried to dig it out for years, but to no success.

Don’t worry, you will not have trouble looking for another. You have your ways. Remember how you easily caught another fish, just days after I wriggled free from your net? I know. I am not irreplaceable.

It might take me years to forget — maybe 2 or 3 — by then, I know you’ve already forgotten about me.