Masquerade ball for great pretenders

Photo taken from the web

Photo taken from the web

I see different colored masks everywhere — just like a masquerade. Most are of pink and cream-colored while others are of the darker shade (i.e. black, violet, dark blue, etc.).

Masks represent the different personas of people. One may have two to three masks per session, others may even want to wear five depending upon the situation. A person may choose to wear the cream-colored mask when talking to their boss but may want to have the black one when bumping into a frenemy. Point is, people take on different personas in various situations.

And who is to blame for this masquerade? I only have one answer: society. Society does have that ability to pressure the younger generations to be good and well-mannered even if nature calls for mischievousness — this is where the colored masks are made. We pretend to be someone to please society and to meet the expectations.

Now, I wonder if the colored masks are sold at a cheap price.