February fool’s day is the new valentine’s day

February 14 — Valentines day? Sorry, but no. I call it February fools’ day. Just bought three fools’ day gifts to troll a few gullibles.

First gift. A pretty red rose for mom.

To: Luz
From: Your secret admirer

But she’d probably figure out it was me who gave her that rose. Been giving her roses every valentines day plus, she recognizes my handwriting you know. Trolling, FAIL! On to the next.

Second gift. Cutesy stuffed bear for little bro (he likes bears, weird).

To: Johan
From: Your secret admirer

I’m not sure if he’d find out it was me. Well, it’s a 50-50 percent chance he’d figure it out. Next!

Last gift. A red heart-shaped stuffed thing. For my boyfriend? Nope. It’s for some hopeless romantic girl (I admire her very much) whom I’ve been wanting to troll for quite some time now.

To: Yasmin
From: Your secret admirer

THIS. I’m so excited about this last gift. I just have a feeling, she’d be trolled! Hoohaa. I cannot wait to see the look on her face.

These three gifts are to be delivered tomorrow (February 14, 2013) at 10 a.m. Just hoping the delivery guy wouldn’t get lost as I forgot to put the address on those three gift cards. Stupid me.

Happy February fools’ day, fools! HAHA. This is going to be fun! Hopefully. 😀


Proms are for non-losers

photo taken from the web

photo taken from the web

Aside from being the love month, February is also known to high school kids as the prom month (in my country, that is). Ah yes, proms are believed to be one of the most anticipated events in high school. For the popular kids, proms are included in their ‘most memorable experiences list’. But for the not-so-popular, (i.e. the nerds, losers, plain-looking, freaks, weirdos, etc.) prom is considered as the worst nightmare.

Until now, the question still lingers, what are proms for?

Popular kids think of prom as the road to becoming even more popular — show off their beautiful faces and amazing figures, which constitute their overly oozing sex appeal. But what about the unpopular losers? Unfortunately, proms only endanger the reputation of these awkward teens by showing off more of their ‘awkwardness’.

In proms, losers are identified as being the only ones left sitting in a table with no partner (not even the waiter or janitor) to dance with, while the pretty girls have long line ups of hottie or nottie boys who are dying to dance with them. And the envy begins to crawl into the minds of the unpopular girls.

Oh yes. High school proms are a waste of time. If I were president, I’d ban this useless, nonsense, stupid, foolish event for all of eternity. E-T-E-R-N-I-T-Y.

It has been five years since my last prom, but the never ending bitterness still remains.

Nothing ever beats first-hand experience. 😛

Glued to perfection

What's the whole point of this blog post?

What’s the whole point of this blog post?

Life has no rules. There is no life manual or a book on ‘How to live a perfect life 101’ that can help in times of doubts and distress because things happen depending on the preferences of a person. But it is obvious (except for a spoiled, rich kid who gets everything he wishes) that we can’t have everything we want. This is why we ought to wish for a perfect life.

What is in a perfect life anyway? Billions of cash? Lots of friends and admirers? Perfect career? Perhaps the answer depends on the person.

People see things differently. We all have different meanings of things. Trying to define it from a poor person’s point of view might be different from how a rich person sees it. A homeless man can only wish for nothing more than to have enough food and a comfy home whereas a billionaire only wishes to become a gazillionaire.

… So now what?

According to some skeptics, scholars, realists, analysts, chemists, physicists, freaks, weirdos, teens-having-boy-problems — nothing is perfect.

If nothing is perfect, then why the heck are we still trying hard to achieve a perfect life?

Humans have become even stupider than rocks as time went by. And that is the whole point of this blog post. Nuff said.

Make me money

Some people are worse than Mr. Krabs...

Mr. Krabs is even better than most people…

Money makes the world go round. Eherm, correction. Money makes the world go round and round and round. Money is everything. Empty pockets won’t get anyone anywhere — especially when money is needed for transportation from one country to another (who would want to walk that far?). Food, clothing, shelter, and sometimes, even friends are all controlled by the amount of money a person has. Truth is, when there’s money involved, people become capable of doing anything — even running around naked, perhaps?

Yes, people are easily manipulated when money is offered in exchange for a favor. Take the election candidates, for example (ah, the beauty of politics). These filthy politicians-to-be rely on the power of money when the going gets tough. It shows a sign of their desperation to win the elections, even if it meant going against the teachings of their GMRC (Good Manners and Right Conduct) teacher in primary school.

So, now that the elections are coming up, what giveaways are these filthy rich bastards up to now?

*I’m crossing my fingers for a trip around the world and a rocket that would take me to other galaxies… 😛

Day in the mountains

Inopacan, Leyte, Philippines

The place was mesmerizing that I could not help but take pictures of the scenery, animals and most especially the local people.

A day in mountains












“Mama’s waiting for me, stop taking pictures.”