Ego boosters

photo taken from web

photo taken from web

Drum roll please!

And the award for best feet goes to…

The crowd was just dying to hear the name of the chosen one — the winner of the best feet award. They could no longer stand the suspense while the nominees hands were already itching to grab the feet-shaped plaque. And after a few drum rolls and shortness of breaths, the award was given to none other than, the not so deserving, miss-award-collector! Clap Clap! Hoorah for her self-esteem! She would probably make posters, leaflets, flyers, brochures, magazines, etc. etc. to announce to the whole universe that she received an award. She might also teach her babies how to get these ego boosters so that they could follow her footsteps. Now the dilemma — where did she place the one thousandth award she just received?

Ego boosters. Ah. Just like the ones used for chicks, ego boosters are there to increase the growth of egos. Of course, egos are hatched from the eggs of heredity and environment. Yes, egos are inborn, but it is up to the owner to feed it with boosters (i.e. trophies, plaques, certificates, false compliments, etc. etc.), which are not expensive when bought at the nearest local store or from a closest friend.

But even these kinds of ego enhancers can be toxic when taken at large amounts, as Paracelsus said, “Toxicity is a matter of dosage”.

So, be careful when taking ego boosters. It may lead to a long term illness which can eventually cause death. ūüôā


True beauty

taken from the web

taken from the web

Teens were the years of daydreaming and wanting to be popular.¬†As the modern generation realized the essence of physical beauty, young girls create coloring books out of their faces, wear mini-skirts that are as good as underwear, and drink pills that are no longer for illness but for beauty enhancements. Being pretty is being somebody. Noticeably, pretty girls have many friends, they are well-liked for their ‘loveliness’.

But behind these beautiful masks are hypocrites, who only care about themselves. They might seem friendly and nice, but try and dig up everything about them and realize there is nothing there to like.¬†These two-faced freaks have lots of admirers — many are dying to be in their crowd. And yes, they have the power to manipulate the minds of insecure young girls who want nothing more than to have the to-die-for-face.

Bottom line? Physical beauty is everything. Pretty girls are on top of the list, they have the front row tickets to the ‘in’ crowd.

Accept the reality:¬†there is no such thing as inner beauty — it is less¬†appreciated¬†in this world. True story.


High dose of stalking

with Patricia Evangelista

with Patricia Evangelista

Three days and counting.

I’m still on the verge of finding out what the heck is wrong with me. I can’t think straight; I can’t even eat two cups of rice (which is a big deal for my hyena-like stomach). I’ve been obsessing with Pat since I met her three days ago and I don’t intend to let this go on forever. Have I crossed the border which was not supposed to be crossed? Have I gone mad? I’m feeling butterflies all over again, and it’s not the good kind.

Need to get my senses back — I wonder where they are right now. Hey senses! Yoohoo. I’m calling on you.

Note to self: Focus. Focus. It’s just a phase.


Holy truth

There is no exact definition for faith when religion is involved.¬†Going to church on Sundays does not define your belief in Him. Yes, you share quotes from the bible and have memorized every line there is to read in the holy book. But is that really what faith is about? Nah, I don’t think so.

For whatever reason there is, whether it’s to show off that you’re a saint or to cover up the hypocrisy, you go to church without faith. Let’s be honest here. Most of the time, going to church is just ‘the’ excuse for our mistakes and immoralities. We ask for forgiveness and yet we keep on doing the same things over and over and over again. Needless to say, we are humans after all and that is what defines us. We grow, we make mistakes, we live our lives. That’s all there is to it.

I don’t go to church and the bible isn’t my favorite book. I don’t even share messages or quotes about God — er, when was the last time I opened the bible? But that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in Him. I pray to Him every single day and I think that is enough to say that I have faith in Him.

So, let’s end the hypocrisy now, shall we?¬†

The bright side

There’s always a bright side to everything.¬†

I’m just pretending to see it because there is no bright side. The world isn’t sugar-coated. People are not to be trusted. One moment their smiling; the next thing you know, they’re shoving a knife down your throat. It’s all messy.

At the end of the day, you trust no one. Not even yourself.